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Grumpy Mule

Ever since being created in 2006, The Grumpy Mule has only been interested in two things – a good scratch behind the ear and amazing coffee. Well, that’s not entirely true. He’s also been interested in sustainability, 100% Fairtrade coffee and helping local farmers make a living with fair wages but that morning cup of coffee is what has kept his spirits up all these years later.

Since becoming part of the Bewley’s family in 2013, Grumpy Mule has been on a mission to rid the world of terrible coffee – coffee that is instantly forgettable, unethically produced and tastes like toxic waste.

So, we source fairly and sustainably – making sure that our growers share in our success. We roast with precision and care – making sure that we get the very best flavour from each bean that our growers have worked so hard to produce. And then we sell – making sure our customers see the zealous gleam in our eyes as we happily share our creations.